Become A Validator

Become A Validator

The Pactus blockchain is empowered by the Solid State Proof-of-Stake mechanism. This ensures security and stability, with network validators playing a crucial role. There are no restrictions on the number of validators on the Pactus blockchain, allowing anyone to participate and earn PAC coin rewards while enhancing network security. Pactus does not pre-select validators, instead, they are self-elected through a randomization algorithm based on their stake and luck.

What Roles do Validators Play?

Validators can run Pactus Core software on their personal computers or remote servers to process transactions, create blocks, and uphold network security and decentralization. By staking their own coins, validators contribute to the network’s security and are rewarded for their efforts.

Validator Rewards

When a validator successfully proposes a block that is accepted by the network, they receive a block reward in the form of one coin. This reward serves as an incentive for validators to continue supporting the network.

Minimum requirement

After thorough testing on multiple machines, we can conclude that the recommended minimum hardware requirements are as follows:

Personal Computer:

  • CPU’s: 2 physical cores / 4vCPU
  • RAM: 4 GB Ram
  • Storage (SSD): 64 GB SSD Drive
  • Network: stable internet connection with over 15 MBps speed

Private server:

  • CPU’s: 1/2 physical core / 1vCPU
  • RAM: 1 GB Ram
  • Storage (SSD): 20 GB NVMe Drive
  • Network: stable internet connection with 1 TBps speed

How to Run Pactus?

Pactus is designed to lightweight and simple blockchain software. You can run the Pactus blockchain on your personal computer with basic hardware.

To run Pactus you can follow these tutorials:

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