Troubleshooting Pactus Node

Troubleshooting Pactus Node

Below, we have identified a series of issues that might interfere with the node’s execution process. By reviewing each of the following points, you can resolve network connectivity or other related problems.

NTP (Network Time Protocol) is not enabled

Network Time Protocol (NTP) is an internet protocol used to synchronize with computer clock time sources in a network.

If your system or server clock is more than 5 to 10 seconds ahead or behind, it will cause interference with your node on the network and may also reduce your availability score, preventing you from receiving rewards.

Therefore, make sure to check that your system or server clock is fully synchronized and that NTP is enabled.

Port P2P is open in local machine or server

One of the most important factors that causes interference with the node’s communication is the P2P input and output ports not being open. If you have a firewall, you should check this.

  • Default Port for mainnet is: 21888
  • Default Port for testnet is: 21777

You can check by online service for this port is open or close.

Open port in firewall

Avoid running node with the same validators on different machines

Do not attempt to run node with same validators on different machines, as this will reduce the availability score of your validators.

Using UDP instead relay for sync

If your node encounters issues with synchronization in its default settings, you can use UDP.

  • Example network configuration:
  network_key = "network_key"
  public_addr = ""
  listen_addrs = []
  bootstrap_addrs = []
  max_connections = 128
  enable_udp = true
  enable_nat_service = false
  enable_upnp = false
  enable_relay = false
  enable_relay_service = false
  enable_mdns = false
  enable_metrics = false
  force_private_network = false
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