An account is an entity that is identified by a unique address, which can send transactions on the blockchain.

Account Structure

The account structure is 12 bytes long and consists the following fields:

Number4 bytes
Balance8 bytes
  • Number is a sequential and unique number assigned to each account when it is created for the first time. The account number is used to calculate the state hash of the blockchain.
  • Balance holds the balance of the account, which is the amount of Pactus coins held by the account.

Treasury Account

The Treasury account is a special account in the Pactus blockchain that holds 21 million coins at the genesis time. The treasury address is defined as: 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000. The address type is 0, and therefore, it doesn’t have any key pair associated with it. Every time a block is created, one coin from the Treasury account transfers to the proposer account as a block reward.

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