Bond Transaction

Bond transaction is used to bond stake to a validator. If the validator does not exist, it will be created. Once a bond transaction committed, the validator cannot participate in the sortition algorithm for 1 hour. This is called the “bond interval” and is defined in the consensus parameter. Validators within the committee cannot increase their stake. Therefore, bond transactions will be processed only when the validators are not in the committee.

Payload Structure

The bond transaction has a payload consists the following fields:

Sender address21 bytes
Receiver address21 bytes
Public key (optional)96 bytes
  • Sender address is the address of the sender account.
  • Receiver address is the address of the receiver validator.
  • Public key is the validator’s public key. If the validator does not exist yet, the public key should be set, otherwise it should left empty.
  • Amount is the amount of coins that should be staked or bonded.
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