Transfer Transaction

Transfer Transaction

Transfer transaction is used to transfer coins between the accounts. If the receiver account does not exist, it will be created.

Payload Structure

The transfer transaction has a payload consists the following fields:

Sender address21 bytes
Receiver address21 bytes
  • Sender address is the account address that transfers the amount
  • Receiver address is the account address that receives the amount
  • Amount is the amount of coins that should be transferred

Reward Transaction

The reward transaction is the first transaction in each block. There is only one reward transaction per block, and it has the same format as a transfer transaction, but with zero fees and no signature.

The sender address is the Treasury address, and the receiver address is defined by the block proposer. The amount of the reward transaction should be equal to the block reward plus transaction fees. This amount will go to the proposer account as a block reward. Therefore, in each block, one coin from the Treasury account transfers to the proposer account as a block reward.

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